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Success stories from previous clients.


Each session of the Prioritize Yourself program I came away with something valuable, whether it be the power of ‘Yet”, that it’s not too late to stop giving in, to be aware, respond and release. It helped me become aware that there are past experiences that I still carry a lot of guilt with. With Elisa’s coaching, I was able to look at where the guilt is coming from and let go of it. I feel really good and lighter as a result.

Before this program I avoided difficult situations that drained my energy. I used to put off the things I didn’t want to do and then feel guilty about it. I was in a vicious cycle! Now I face them with a plan and include small fun activities around it. No more procrastinating! This gives me all this time afterwards that I didn’t expect to have that I get to spend on me.

My biggest takeaway was that boundaries and a really positive thing. I now feel empowered to communicate to people, letting them know who I am, what I’ll stand for and what I won’t stand for.


I am an idea’s person, who normally does not do much planning – apart from having a deadline date. This can lead to a lot of last-minute stress. Elisa is a mega planner and shared with us her mini-system method. It is visual, which I love. It made me quickly see what I need to do to achieve my goal on time.  And by allocating tasks in a day, week, and month plan, it is way easier to see what is realistic. The Prioritize Yourself program also taught me to celebrate my wins!

One important lesson that I learned from this program was to slow down and take a minute to ask myself how I am feeling.  It’s easy to rush through a day and push down feelings. To be on autopilot.  By stopping to ask this question, it has made me so much more self-aware.  How is my energy?  What do I really need?  It helps me, to then make better decisions for myself.

My big takeaway was developing a guilt-free me first mindset. No is not a word I am used to saying. All ideas sound good, and I hate disappointing people. Elisa taught us how to evaluate decisions and shared several different ways to decline in a respectful way. It has really made saying no easier and helped me release the guilt I usually feel around this. You can’t pour from an empty cup. When I put myself first, and take time to recharge, other people are going to get the best of me. They may get less of me but when we meet it will be lovely quality time for everyone!


Before coaching with Elisa, I was always putting my health second, something else always seemed more important. Then Elisa taught me several different ways of how to be more aware of my eating habits and my stress levels.

The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Elisa are:

  1. That I don’t want to eat unhealthy food as much any more. I crave healthy food which has helped me stay on track with my goals. When I eat healthier food, I feel less sluggish.

  2. I actually look at ingredients of packaged food and pick healthier ones. I didn’t realise there were chemicals in things I eat.

  3. Knowing how to reduce my stress levels by doing breathing exercises, meditating and saying affirmations. I’ve been managing my stress and sleeping better as a result.

What I loved most about coaching with Elisa is that she listens and I can talk openly with her so I can get things off my chest. She’s like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to each session. After each talking with her, I feel better and more motivated. We also looked at other areas of my life beyond health and created longer term goals which was really helpful.


During our sessions together, Elisa was always present, calm and non-judgemental which made each each session relaxing and enjoyable. Afterwards, I always felt better, calmer and more relaxed than when I started. The techniques I learned to reduce tension and stress really work.  This is something I value since my life is busy and stressful.

Exercises we did together helped me understand what motivates me and what is important to me.  This, in turn, helped me clarify my goals and priorities. Making progress towards my goals helped increase my confidence. I also learned the importance of mindset towards building confidence. Reciting daily the affirmations we developed together that are specific to me helps greatly to set my mindset for the day ahead. 

Anyone who wants to build their confidence and to keep moving towards the version of themselves they want to be will find coaching with Elisa is worth the investment.


When I started coaching with Elisa, I had been worried about my long-term health and therefore was looking to improve my eating habits, maintain a healthy weight, and increase my exercise. I entered the program feeling a lack of confidence in the exercise I do and whether it was enough as well as my ability to keep it up. Through coaching with Elisa I discovered a more positive approach to movement and how it fits into my regular routine in a way that works for me so that I could feel more confident and embrace it as enjoyment in my life.

This is turn made me more comfortable with myself and therefore more able to reduce bad eating habits, which I used as a replacement for low mood and poor self-esteem. Having a regular check-in with a trusted coach in a safe space helped me to reframe bad habits over a sustainable period of time.

Elisa was able to pick up on different worries or distractions in my mood and rather than trying to ignore them, she built them into the session and helped me to move past them to make the most of the session, rather than to fight against them. For example, by starting with a breathing exercise or by discussing the issue that I was having. She was also flexible about how the sessions were carried out, which was very reassuring and appreciated.


Prior to coaching with Elisa, I struggled with diets that didn’t work and have a wealth of health knowledge but wasn’t sure how to turn that knowledge into action and apply it to my daily life.

Elisa taught me how to listen to my body, what food it likes most, and gives me the most energy.  She also taught me how to identify my stress levels. I was surprised to find out that I’m more stressed at times than I realized and how this affects my body and digestive system.

My top 3 results from working with Elisa are:

  1. How to reduce my stress levels before eating.

  2. How to incorporate breathing exercises into my daily life.

  3. The food experiment challenges where I identified what foods give me energy and my sensitivities to foods.

Working with Elisa not only helped me focus on my health goals, she also helped me understand other factors and habits that play a big role in living a healthy life. I enjoyed how the program wasn’t just about food. She incorporated some life coaching as well. I really enjoyed the wheel of life exercise and learning about self-sabotage.


Working with Elisa has been great! She made me realize that I was always putting everything before me, my kids, cleaning and taking care of the house, my job…..I always felt that at the end of the day there was no time for me. Which left me feeling resentful and unhappy. 

Elisa helped me see that putting myself first does not make me a bad mom, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Because I now take care of myself, i.e. eat healthier, schedule workouts, make sure I get enough water I am much happier and I can give more to my family, which actually makes me a better mom. 

My family loves the new me, and so do I. Thank you Elisa, I am forever grateful for you for your support and guidance. 

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