My Story

This is my story of the first time I gave myself permission to go after what I wanted!

A Coach

A Confidence & Health Coach.

I work with professionals who either don’t know what they want or are secretly stuck or even miserable in an area of life that really doesn’t work for them anymore. My passion is to help people become more confident, to let go of their fears, to let go of perfection, to think for themselves and put themselves first so they can go after what they truly want for themselves in their life.

I've created a The Confidence Method that is design to increase your confidence in yourself. When you commit yourself to your own transformation, build the courage in your own being, cultivate new skills and allow the continuum to flow, you will be able to achieve anything you want in life. This will lead to more happiness. Something I believe we are all searching for.

Think of what the world would be like if there were more confidently humble people living a purposeful life and spreading their positive energy to everyone they meet.

That's my mission.

I’m a certified as a Mastery Coach, Transformation Coach, Life Coach (CLC)  and Health Coach (CHC) from the Health Coach Institute. It’s recognized by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance as a Health Coach designation to which I am registered (RHC™).

A Movement Enthusiast

I started running in 2002 when I signed up with my corporate team for a local 10km race. They wanted me to join because “I was young and fast”. Not quite…. Though I was active, I wasn’t a runner and didn’t have much endurance. I didn’t train enough nor did I have much understanding of my body and what it needed. It was my slowest 10km time to date. Colleagues 15+ years older than me were faster!

Being a bit competitive with myself, this jump started my running spirit. Since then I’ve run over 75 races including 4 marathons and 12 half marathons. I’ve also completed 2 triathlons. Being a movement enthusiast, I also love doing yoga, pilates, cross training, spin, dancing, hiking, walking, snowshoeing, etc, etc! All things movement!

An Inspiration

I can! I am! I will!

Let me share my story that has led me to where I am today.

There have been several times in my life where I’ve found myself feeling miserable. Whether it be with my health, my relationships, my career, my money mindset or my mindfulness. In my early 20s, I was living a life where I was ticking all the boxes and doing everything “right” but I was secretly miserable and surrounded by toxic people. So I ran away from it all and I centered my life around fun! I started getting A’s at college, excelled at my work, lived abroad for 11 years in 3 countries and travelled 53 countries. I was surprised when people called me brave for going after everything I wanted to do. When I moved from country to country, each time, I went with no job, no home, and a little bit of savings. I guess this could be considered brave but I knew I’d figure it out and I was confident in my ability to succeed. I’m so happy I did all that because the life experiences I gained, all the amazing people I met and friends for life I made are absolutely priceless.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do all that without some of life’s ups and downs. At the age of 30 I found myself at rock bottom. I had just moved to London, England. I was broke, homeless, jobless, friendless and heartbroken. This was the first time I felt the weight of depression. I was still secretly miserable. My confidence in myself was so low. I didn’t love myself and I was living part of my life dependent on others. One day, when I couldn’t get myself out of bed, a friend texted me. She somehow convinced me to meet her at this quaint tea shop. I dragged myself out of bed and met her. She greeted me with a warm hug and as we chatted over tea, she asked me what I wanted. Having just gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship, I hadn’t been asked this question in years.

What did I want? I was stumped. I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore. I definitely didn’t feel gutsy or brave. I knew I didn’t want to feel stuck or miserable anymore, that was for sure. She suggested I spend some time meditating on it. This question is what lifted me out of that low state I was in.

It was here that I started to ask myself what I wanted for my own life and who I wanted to be. This is when I realized that I needed to learn to love myself and speak my truth without needing to be right. I discovered what my values were and I knew I had to start living them so I could be the person I wanted to be. I started to question societal norms and ways I was told I had to be. I cultivated the skill of setting boundaries. I found my courage again. I realized that I don’t have to prove to myself or anyone else that I’m good enough. This mindset shift helped me let go and be my authentic self.

I explored every corner of my life. I shifted to a healthier way of eating. I incorporated more movement in my life. I started practicing mindfulness daily. I was in a state of flow and felt amazing. I empowered myself to live my best life in my own way! This helped me attract like-minded people into my life and I found some new best friends. I also made some advances in my career and figured out what lights me up and brought those into my daily work. I was introduced to coaching, found my passion and where Inspiration By Elisa was born. I decided to take the leap to get certified in coaching and start building my business.

This journey took over 10 years and I’m humbled in knowing that the continuum of my personal transformation is ever evolving.

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